reflecting on lines

may 2013 002

lines can define space or create chaos

may 2013 022

a line can connect or divide

may 2013 011

it can be a mark of travel.   trails, roads woven together as a map

may 2013 026

a line can be invisible…

may 2013 060

or hold raindrops.               a line can be wrapped upon itself, creating form, with inside and outside.

may 2013 019


the scent of night flowers

the scent of night-time flowers has been a journey in remembering things forgotten while traveling on a new path.

the shape of the unseen, a shade of feeling, the internal caress of night scented air, a memory from some distant time.

the act of stitching so old it is in the fibers of our DNA,  thread games of peek -a -boo are played out as the needle guides the thread in and out of the cloth.

the process of becoming, one stitch at a time.

in honoring the process of learning new things and being sympathetic to the chaos of becoming.

  ever-present yet unseen, the other side of cloth.